Mozilla labs gaming contest : looking good

Hey guys.

I first wanted to thanks everyone who played my game and the others who registered an account.
Keep in mind that registering allows you to save your progression remotely, so that you can continue your game on any computer you want 😉

StillAliveJS has been chosen as a Game On Finalist among 34 other games !
It’s a great thing and I hope the game will please as many judges as possible.

Remember that a forum exists for the game where you can talk about it and, above all, put some suggestions about future features or updates you’d like to see in the game !

See you later for other news !

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One Response to Mozilla labs gaming contest : looking good

  1. Hey there, I discovered StillAliveJS through the Mozilla Labs Gaming contest and liked it very much.

    I would love to add it to the collection of free web services at – the only problem is that I have not found clear license information anywhere. One requirement to be added is that the game needs to be free software (be it under GPL, BSD, CC-BY or anything similar) so it would be great if you could give me more information on that.

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