StillAliveJS was created by t4ils with grateful help from ZeBlackos for graphics.

Where does it come from ?
StillAliveJS, or SaJS, is a puzzle game inspired by “Portal: The Flash Version” which is a 2D renewal of Portal, developed by Valve Corporation.

SaJS is the javascript port of the two previous version I created, StillAliveDS and StillAliveWii, with new features.

SaJS consists primarily in a series of platform puzzles that must be solved by teleporting the character and other simple objects using a Portal Gun. The unusual physics allowed by this device is the emphasis of StillAliveJS.

The game takes its name from the ending song of Portal : “Still Alive” by Jonathan Coulton. It features various elements from the original game such as portal gun (of course!), turrets, crates, energy balls and more !

Any feature in the game ?
You can play a simple game where you have to finish the 112 already included levels, or you can play on maps created by other people ! The level editor allows anyone, with an account, to create and share a new map easily.

The game automatically saves replays when you play so that everyone can see your performance.

You have the possibility to create an account for the game to access some cool features :

  • Highscores and game progress saved on the server
  • Replays automatically saved in case of new highscore
  • Upload new maps through level editor
  • Add online maps to favorites

Wanna add something more ?
French is my native language, I’m sorry if some English errors were to be found in the game.

But still …

Have Fun !